Eighteen EASY recipe ideas for all the partying going on over the next few weeks. All of these appetizers are either make-ahead or easy to whip up last minute so that you can get back to gettin’ down. 

Easy Appetizer Ideas for New Years Eve from The Food Charlatan

It is ON you guys!! Christmas is here! Christmas gets a whole week round these parts, kind of like how I make Eric celebrate my birthday week instead of just my birthDAY. I’m sorry but that is just not a long enough period of time to celebrate all the awesomeness that has come into the world since I was born. Okay, not really, I just like an excuse to eat cake for a full week.

Now that it’s Christmas week I see no need to eat dinner anymore. It’s mostly just going to be appetizers and Nutella Stuffed Gingerbread Cookies and Candy Cane Brownie Trifle and Santa Bread from here on out. Who’s with me??

I put together some EASY appetizer ideas for you guys. I don’t get the idea of labor-intensive appetizers. I mean, why not just make dinner, right? I guess if you are bringing one to a party that you’re not hosting, and you need to impress. I think the appetizers in this round-up are still pretty impressive though, and you don’t have to spend all day making them. Click on the link or click on the picture to get to the recipe!

Bacon Ricotta Crostini. I have been known to eat these 10 at a time, as a meal. Don’t judge:

Bacon Ricotta Crostini from The Food Charlatan

Fresh Bruschetta and Lentil Dip. You can make this 2 or 3 days in advance. It gets even tastier the longer it sits. If you are low-carbing it, serve with sliced cucumbers:

Fresh Bruschetta and Lentil Dip from TheFoodCharlatan.com

Sparkling Cranberry Brie Bites. These are so good, and dressed to impress. (Cranberries can be made ahead of time):

Sparkling Cranberry Brie Bites from The Food Charlatan

Raspberry Balsamic Meatballs. These guys are easy to throw in the crock pot ahead of time. Set it and forget it:

Slow Cooker Raspberry Balsamic Meatballs from The Food Charlatan

Reuben-Stuffed Crescent Rolls. Good ol’ comfort food:

Reuben-Stuffed Crescent Rolls from The Food Charlatan

Deviled Guacamole Eggs. Make-ahead-able! Healthy! Delicious!:

Deviled Guacamole Eggs from TheFoodCharlatan.com

Hot Pizza Dip. This remains as one of my absolute favorite appetizers of all time. Guess what? Made in the microwave. Boo-ya:

Hot Pizza Dip from TheFoodCharlatan.com

Goat Cheese, Pesto, and Sun-Dried Tomato Terrine. Make it ahead. This always disappears FAST at parties:

Goat Cheese, Pesto, and Sun-Dried Tomato Terrine from TheFoodCharlatan.com

Steak and Chimichurri Toasts. Hear me out guys. I need to re-photograph these so you will believe me when I tell you these are mind-blowing. I mean, it’s steak and bread with sauce, what’s not to like. Make the sauce ahead of time. Or make all of it ahead of time, they are delicious served room temperature. So good!:

Steak and Chimichurri Toasts from The Food Charlatan

Roasted Garlic Cocktail Pups from Self-Proclaimed Foodie. These look crazy delicious. Bring on the garlic:

Easy Appetizer Ideas for New Years Eve

Caprese Bites from Cooking on The Front Burners. These look so fresh and easy!:

Easy Appetizer Ideas for New Years Eve from The Food Charlatan

Lasagna Dip from I Heart Eating. Looks like this would be easy to make ahead and bake last minute:

Easy Appetizer Ideas for New Years Eve from The Food Charlatan

Pear, Honey and Cheddar Biscuits from Neighborfood. These looks sooo good and easy:


Cheesy Buffalo Chicken French Bread from Krafted Koch:

Easy Appetizer Ideas for New Years Eve from The Food Charlatan

Sweet ‘n Sour Bacon Wrapped Pineapple from Food Faith Fitness:

Easy Appetizer Ideas for New Years Eve from The Food Charlatan

Philly Cheese Steak Potato Skins from Mom on Timeout. Don’t these look awesome??:

Easy Appetizer Ideas for New Years Eve from The Food Charlatan

Blackberry Brie Bites from Inside BruCrew Life:

Easy Appetizer Ideas for New Years Eve from The Food Charlatan

4-Ingredient BBQ Chicken Crescent Roll Ups from This Gal Cooks:

Easy Appetizer Ideas for New Years Eve from The Food Charlatan

 Do you guys give up? Or are you thirsty for more?
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UPDATE! You guys just love easy appetizers so much…Here are some other ideas I have made over this past year!

 These Smokey Almond Cream Cheese Endive Bites

Smokey Almond Cream Cheese Endive Bites from The Food Charlatan

If you can’t get enough pumpkin, these come together in a snap: Cream Cheese Pumpkin Puffs:

Cream Cheese Pumpkin Puffs from The Food Charlatan

Cheesy Bacon Ranch Puffs (These are sooooooo good!!! Perfect for football watching but also tidy enough for small bites at a more formal party):

Cheesy Bacon Ranch Puffs from The Food Charlatan

2-Ingredient Sugar Free Fruit Dip: (this is great for those watching their waistlines. Add a tough of honey or cinnamon to fancy it up a bit if you like.)

2-Ingredient Sugar-Free Fruit Dip from The Food Charlatan

Easy Strawberries and Cream Appetizer: (You really can’t get much easier than this!)

Easy Strawberries and Cream Appetizer from The Food Charlatan

Zucchini Pizza Bites: these are another good option for those who are low carbing it. They are SO delicious!

Zucchini Pizza Bites from The Food Charlatan

Puffy Bacon Twists: These are great because you can serve them warm or room temperature. Plus, I mean, BACON.

Puffy Bacon Twists (with BBQ Ranch Sauce) from The Food Charlatan

Happy New Year’s Eve everybody!!!! Partay!

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  1. I could LIVE off appetizers! Great collection right here. Thanks for including my Four Ingredient BBQ Chicken Roll Ups. Have a Happy New Year, Karen! :)

  2. Girl, we need to convince our guys to have a birthday MONTH next year! I mean, come on… All of the cake and desserts (and maybe even extra presents?) you want for 4 whole weeks. Pure bliss. Now if they’d only do the dishes for that long too… ;) And I always prefer making a “meal” out of lots of little appetizers instead of one entrée. Love this roundup!

  3. I totally sent this to my aunt for holiday appetizer inspiration and she showed up with meatballs. So YOU WIN.

  4. My happiest meals are the ones made entirely out of appetizers. It’s the perfect option for someone like me, who is terrified to commit to a single entree. I need options, baby!

  5. All of these look amazing! Thanks for including my Sweet and Sour Bacon Wrapped Pineapple! Pinned :D

  6. Ha ha. Yes, who needs dinner when we have appetizer and dessert trays. That’s the most important. And a bar cart, too! Great round-up Karen. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!

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