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The Food Charlatan is all about family-friendly recipes for the kitchen fake! We are learning as we go here, but soon you will be hunted down at every potluck you go to…I won’t tell a soul that you actually have no idea what you’re doing. (And you had better keep my secret, too!)

The worst part about cooking is when you actually get off your butt to make something, and it doesn’t work. It’s offensive enough to make you never try again, right? I totally get it.

That’s why all my recipes are tried and tested by yours truly here.

I never make a crap recipe twice, and neither should you.

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If you are interested in poking around right now, a good place to start is on my Top Ten page. These are my top recipes on the blog, according to traffic!

Below are a few of my own personal favorite recipes. This is a little tough to narrow down, because I don’t put anything on the site that I don’t plan to make again. My blog is kind of like a public version of my own personal recipe binder (you’ve got one of those, right?) But here are some that come to mind!

The Softest Sugar Cookie of Your Life

No, but seriously.

Creamy Tuscan Salmon (30 mins)

This is a go-to last minute dinner that feels like restaurant food. Eat like a king on a Tuesday.

tuscan salmon recipe

Cafe Rio Sweet Shredded Pork

Anytime I have to make food for a crowd, this is the one.

smotheres burrito with sweet pulled pork

The Best Chocolate Cake I’ve Ever Had

No, but seriously. (Again 😂) This is the cake I make myself every single year for my own birthday.

The Best Chocolate Cake I've Ever Had from The Food Charlatan

Aunt Shirley’s Famous Homemade Dinner Rolls

My Aunt Shirley knows what’s up when it comes to yeast.

Aunt Shirley's Famous Dinner Rolls from The Food Charlatan