This is one icebox cake recipe you don’t want to miss! This Peppermint Ganache Icebox Cake is super easy and is completely no bake. Velvety layers of peppermint whipped cream and chocolatey cookies and ganache make it so rich. If you are looking for a Christmas cake recipe to serve over the holidays, this one is a showstopper!


One time when my dad was a little kid, he and his brothers unwrapped ALL of their Christmas presents under the tree. BEFORE Christmas. Their parents were gone for the day, and 3 rambunctious boys were left at home with a tree full of presents, what do you expect?

When I heard that story as a kid I thought he was crazy. I would never have done something like that when I was little (I was way goody two shoes. Is that the nice way of saying boring?)

But I think my kids are turning out to be more like Grandpa than like me. I’m pretty sure if we left them alone in the house right now, they would have them all unwrapped, or at least peaked into them. They are constantly counting, shaking, palm-weighing.

The difference is that I don’t think my kids are skilled enough to rewrap everything without detection. My dad’s parents never found out until the boys told them years later!! Can you believe that? Little rascals. My kids will have another thing coming if they try this on me. Truman is always asking about the eyes on the back of my head.