This Chili Mac and Cheese recipe is your new favorite 30 minute dinner! It is so easy to put together and calls for pantry items you always have on hand. (What, you don’t always have Velveeta on hand? We’re not friends.)

Yesterday I took the kids to their swimming lessons, and realized within .5 seconds of sitting down that I had left my phone at home. I hadn’t brought a book or anything to do, so I knew I was in for a long haul of actually watching my kid’s swim lessons (hey don’t judge, we are on week SIX of swim lessons this summer, how dedicated can you expect me to be??)

I knew I was in for half an hour of coming up with genius ideas to pass the time…that all involve my phone. Do you do this? Here are all the things I thought for a millisecond I could do, before remembering that I was phone-less:

Text Eric about how hilarious it was when baby Valentine stripped completely naked and brought me her “swim soup” when she saw the other kids getting dressed for their lessons, and then cried real tears when I told her she wasn’t getting in the pool. (when we arrived, she threw rocks in the pool to vent her frustration.) Instagram Check the Find my Friends app to see how Eric’s commute was going Check email Do research on just how inappropriate it would be to name our next kid the new name I’m currently obsessed with, but might actually be a stupid name to give a kid (no, I’m not pregnant, and yes, we already named a kid Valentine, so how much worse could it be?) Text reminders to friends about Taco Tuesday this week Call my mom Duolingo, a language app (I’m trying to learn French…kinda.) Read scriptures

This was all just in a half hour. Do you ever have thoughts like these, over and over again, when you forget your phone?? It’s pretty pathetic how attached I am!

Then after I got home I used my phone to take a picture of the list I had made so that I didn’t have to worry about losing it. FULL CIRCLE GUYS.