Apple Pie Bars are the best way to eat pie with your hands! There is a crazy amount of buttery crust in this recipe, that we divide between the bottom and top of a luscious apple pie filling. Apple season is upon us my friends! It’s glorious! 

Eric and I are sick this week. I got it first, chills and body aches and wonderful flu symptoms. The other night I woke up at 2am freezing cold, so I got up to take some advil and grab an extra blanket, then waited it out until I fell back asleep, sneaking my icy toes over to Eric’s side of the bed.

The next night I was a lot better. I slept soundly for several hours but was violently awoken to incessant chattering in my ear, and an entire human wrapped around me. Like an octopus. Like a vice grip. It was Eric of course, who was having chills and using me as a human heater.

I had to laugh. I don’t think he noticed through the chattering. Is there anything more pathetic than a sick husband? It’s kind of cute.

You will note that the first ingredient called for in these Apple Pie Bars is A POUND OF BUTTER. Oh Ina, how I love you. The Barefoot Contessa definitely knows where it’s at. I saw this recipe in the Food Network Magazine last year and finally got around to trying it out, with a couple of my own twists. (That’s code for nutmeg. I’m a huge nutmeg fan!)