This Sausage Cream Cheese Dip recipe has been in my family for years! We make it for every Super Bowl and New Year’s Eve, and any other excuse we can think of. It is creamy and cheesy and sausage-y, and has the perfect level of spice. It makes a huge pot, perfect for a crowd! Dump it in the slow cooker and go, it could not be easier. 

So guys, I got a gym membership. I thought I would take the Spin class, because I recently learned that spinning is cycling and not spinning in a circle. (I’m totally kidding. I learned that at least 8 years ago.)

I go in bright and early the first day and ask the lady at the front desk where the spin class is. She waves to the left and says it’s “over there.”

So I walk “over there” down the hall and see a racquetball room, a room with a bunch of exercise balls in it, and that’s it. A wall of floor-to-ceiling mirrors makes up the back of the gym. No room full of stationary bicycles in sight.

I go back to the front desk and ask the lady if she could show me where the spin class is. She’s irritated because there are other customers that need help, but she walks me back to the direction that she had waved to…and then walks through the wall of mirrors.

You guys. I thought the second half of the gym was a mirror. NOPE. I’M JUST A MORON.

Why don’t they have Gyms for Dummies? There has to be a market for this you guys. I can’t be the only one. In fact, I know I’m not, because someone commented on my story about not knowing what spinning was and told me that she thought spinning meant people using those Sit and Spin toys from when you were a kid. WE NEED HELP, PEOPLE.