The Food Charlatan

Candy & Fudge Recipes

I just love making delicious goodies and giving them away to family, friends, and neighbors! These candy and fudge recipes offer a variety of scrumptious treats that are great for special occasions and holiday giveaways.

Fudge: I have a few here that make great Christmas fudge recipes, ideal for the holiday season… or, let’s face it, any time of year! My mom’s classic Homemade Fudge recipe is standard, but I love this Penuche Fudge, too!.

For great toppings to ice cream and other desserts, check out my favorite Homemade Chocolate Sauce, Dulce de Leche, or my ridiculously tart Lemon Curd recipe.

There’s a bunch of great gems to handout during the holidays, too, like Christmas Crack, Pecan Rolls, and Oreo Truffles.