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Mother’s Day Recipes

I once had a friend tell me what her ideal Mother’s Day would be like. She said she would hang out by a pool with a book and some sunshine. Someone would bring her fancy drinks and rub her feet. But most importantly, she did not have to see, hear, touch, or smell any children for the entirety of the day.

Sorry kiddos, but it is absolutely 100% true, haha! At least if you have young children at home, like me. The best thing you can do for mom is get outta dodge. 😂

BUT…until this dream becomes a reality, we can at least make ourselves some fun Mother’s Day recipes to enjoy. (If you have a graduated mom, aka, a mom you no longer live with, then you better believe it is your duty to make her some cake or brunch or something.) I’ve got the best Mother’s Day recipes here on these pages! Click around until you find something that might catch mom’s fancy (there are additional pages. Click “next” at the bottom of this page.)

I would start with these Dark Chocolate Waffles, because there are only so many times in your life that you can combine chocolate and breakfast, and Mother’s Day should be one of them. Or wow her with some Homemade Scones! With tea and jam! Another idea is to make Homemade White Cake, three layers of vanilla-y magical-ness. Of course, you can never go wrong with Buttermilk Pancakes for breakfast. Or if you want to make something ahead of time, try this Cheesy Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole! Happy Mother’s Day!