The Food Charlatan

Fourth of July, Memorial Day & Labor Day!

Who’s ready to BBQ? It’s the classic thing to do all summer long, but it’s especially great as 4th of July food! From Memorial Day to Labor Day, I can’t get enough.

Do you call it a cookout or a barbecue? My buddy Lawrence grew up in Texas, but came to college here out West. Some new friends invited him to a “BBQ” and he showed up supremely disappointed when there was no brisket or ribs or Pulled Pork. All they had was crappy hot dogs and hamburgers. “That’s not a barbecue. That’s a COOKOUT. Barbecue means brisket.” I think this is hilarious. No one in California uses the word cookout. It’s all just BBQ! We need to get with the program!

Well whatever you want to call it, throwing some meat on the grill is the most patriotic way to celebrate the Fourth of July. Try out this Easy Broccoli Salad if you’ve got the side dish. Make these Smash Burgers or my Best Ever Hot Dogs if you’re in charge of the main dish! (Or make Nana’s Famous Ribs if you’re from Texas.) For dessert, how about these Easy Cherry Pie Bars? There are multiple pages, click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page to see more!