Fresh Strawberry Topping

Fresh Strawberry Topping

Have you ever been trapped on an airplane with a lap-baby and a 3-year-old who just wet her pants? Yeah, me neither.

Fresh Strawberry Topping

But just hypothetically, what you should NOT do is take her all the way to the front of the plane (carting aforementioned 20-pound baby) only to be told that you can’t wait there, go to the back of the plane and wait, (shuffling slowly behind the drink dispensing flight attendant) where you wait some more while the ice-cup-filling flight attendant eyes your barefoot, pants-less child and says, “People always think there’s water on the floor of airplane bathrooms…it’s not.”

Fresh Strawberry Topping

Here male flight attendant, hold my baby, I have to lift my kid onto the toilet, WHOA, that was a BUMP– “This is the captain speaking, everyone sit down, flight attendants, get in your seats, we’re getting some turbulence” Except now you’re standing in the spot where the flight attendants’ seats fold out and you all just stare at each other with your feet spread out linebacker-like, thinking, when is this airplane going to stop earthquaking, I hope we don’t die.

This is what you should NOT do when your 3-year old wets herself on a full-capacity commercial jet. When I figure out what exactly it is that you ARE supposed to do, I will call you on the phone to tell you because this is really important information to have. Really important.

Fresh Strawberry Topping

The lady sitting next to us was super nice. She offered Charlotte a banana and even helped her put on her still-damp shoes when the plane landed. Bless you, Josie. You saved my children from being abandoned on an airplane.

I’m glad to be home. I had so much fun visiting my sister but sometimes there’s just nothing like a routine. You know?

Fresh Strawberry Topping

And can I just say, there’s nothing like this Strawberry sauce. It’s not really a sauce, per se, because the strawberries are not cooked, but it works as a sauce. It’s perfect for topping anything from ice cream, to cheesecake, to waffles, to your naked spoon. I really love that the strawberries are not mushy. They remain firm yet tender. The fresh lemon juice adds the perfect brightness, so don’t skip it.

Fresh Strawberry ToppingStay tuned for my post later this week which will use this Fresh Strawberry Topping. It involves pancakes but is not what you think…any guesses?

Do you guys give up? Or are you thirsty for more?
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Fresh Strawberry Topping

Yield: Makes about 3 cups


  • 1 1/4 pounds strawberries (4 cups)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/2 cup strawberry jam (I used Smuckers)
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice


  1. Hull the strawberries and slice or chop them (however big or small you want). Add them to a medium bowl and toss them with 1/4 cup sugar and a dash or two of salt. Stir together, then set aside for 30 minutes.
  2. In a small saucepan, heat the strawberry jam over medium heat for abut 3 minutes, until no longer foamy.
  3. Add the jam and the lemon juice to the strawberries and stir together. Let the mixture cool for about an hour. It will thicken as it cools. Serve room temperature or chilled.


Unfortunately you can't use frozen berries in this recipe. They will end up mushy.

This sauce goes great with pancakes, waffles, french toast, cheesecake, ice cream, also goes great with a spoon and a mouth.

Source: the geniuses at Cook’s Illustrated

Fresh Strawberry ToppingYou can chop the strawberries to whatever size you want.

Fresh Strawberry ToppingGrab some jam. I used seedless.

Fresh Strawberry ToppingCook it up and pour it in.

Fresh Strawberry ToppingAnd it will get nice and syrupy.  Mm-mm.





    • says

      No one can handle situations like that until they have to, Megan, lol!! Motherhood is mostly about not being a 2 year old back at your 2 year old. It’s SO HARD!!! haha. And yes, these strawberries will pretty much be good on everything, good call :)

    • says

      Thank you Diane! Let me know how the strawberries turn out! It’s a pretty no-fail recipe, I mean, even if you get the measurements wrong or something…you still get to eat strawberries. Yum.

  1. says

    I was thinking about you on Saturday and hoping you had a good flight. I guess it could have been worse? At least you didn’t have to deal with any throw up. And that is so sweet the lady sitting next to you was helpful.

    These strawberries sound delicious. Just looking at them makes me want to make some strawberry shortcake and whipped cream!
    Natalie @ Tastes Lovely recently posted…Mixed Bean and Ham Hock SoupMy Profile

    • says

      Oh, it definitely could have been worse! It really wasn’t bad at all. The flight attendants were SUPER nice and the lady next to me was just adorable. I thought of you while I made this, I was remembering your Strawberry sauce post from just a few weeks ago. Great minds think alike! :)

  2. Janice Zacharias says

    Oh, that’s a bad quote: ‘People always think that’s water on the floor of airplane bathrooms…it’s not.’ And I’ve always tried so hard to convince myself that it’s water… ewww!
    Those luscious red strawberries, though, are so beautiful! Hurry up and grow, strawberries, so I can make this and pour it over something :)

  3. Kris says

    Wow Karen. I knew you were brave to fly with two little kids. We flew with your husband and his big sisters to Pennsylvania once. I think Eric was about Truman’s age. This was before they banned smoking on airplanes. We were seated in the “no smoking” section. Haha. I use this term loosely. It was the back of the plane and the smokers were in the front – we all shared the same cigarette stinky air. Results? Children whining about the bad smell making them sick to their stomachs and then promptly throwing up. I don’t remember if the throw-up made it into those little airsick bags they leave in the seat pocket. I have no recall of those events. I think I would need some sort of therapy to bring them to the forefront of my mind. It was an unhappy moment in our family.

    • says

      Oh my gosh that is awful Kris!! Yuck I can’t even imagine being stuck on a plane with people smoking. One time I rode in a car with my friend’s grandma who was smoking and I thought I was going to die. And that was only 5 minutes. I’m glad you’ve repressed the throw-up parts :)

    • says

      You know Jennie, not to get sappy on you, but I do think it will be a flight I won’t forget, but only because I wrote this post. If I hadn’t, then 20 years from now I would have either forgotten about the flight or had an unpleasant vague memory. But now I have a blog post that makes me smile. This is why I do it I think :) Thanks for commenting!!

    • Britta says

      Oh yes, I actually remember this trip. I was actually seated next to a very nice lady who helped me with my snack but as far as I remember she was smoking on the plane, which, of course, made me feel nauseated. Then when we got off the plane Eric smelled like stinky, old cheese because he had been throwing up and that made me feel worse. But he still looked cute in his blue pants with yellow polo and blue suspenders….oh the things we remember!

  4. says

    Alone on a plane with two children aged 3 and under? That is the WORST. I so feel your pain. Once on a flight three year old Will peed all over my pants after he jumped up in a panic when the automatic toilet went off while he was still using it. And baby Trinity threw up all over my shirt just moments prior. And then we got moved to the back of the plane because I smelled so badly.
    These experiences are like encountering dementors and I hope you ate the appropriate amount of chocolate to recover. (And when I say the appropriate amount of chocolate, I mean eating your weight in the stuff.)
    Ami recently posted…Winter weary.My Profile

    • says

      Oh Ami! I wish I had heard this story when I was on the plane. I can’t believe you had to deal with double-whammy bodily fluids. And they ACTUALLY MOVED YOU TO THE BACK OF THE PLANE?? What is this, 1960? We need to start a smelly mom’s movement. I refuse to move to the back of the plane! I’M the one who just got peed on dangit, YOU MOVE!

      Eating chocolate as we speak. Gotta keep them devils away. (Actually chocolate has the reverse effect, it attracts children, they can smell it, kind of like how flies can smell those honey death trap things. I should be eating celery.)

  5. says

    Karen, you are too funny. I was just on a plane on Sunday and that recent experience makes imagining your situation all the most humorous/painful! Yikes. If/when I ever have kids and you figure out the solution, do give me a ring ;)

    Can’t wait to see what your pancake creation is!!
    Erika recently posted…Dumpling Dip with BaosMy Profile

  6. says

    Oh man, that sounds rough! I like visiting family, etc but there really is no place like home in my book! haha I love my routines and day-to-day life! And this strawberry topping looks delicious! Love that it has fresh strawberries and jam!
    Ashley recently posted…Hearty Chipotle Chicken SoupMy Profile

  7. Frances says

    Hi There! Can’t wait to make this… did I miss the information about how long and where to store this? I just went strawberry picking and came home with a TRUCKLOAD of berries! Thanks!


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