Easy Cucumber Lime Punch

I walked into our bedroom yesterday to find Eric going through the drawer of his nightstand. He had already dumped everything out and was starting to refill it with “keeper” items:

  • a giant rusty screw
  • a company directory for his old job
  • a giant cord that he admittedly has no idea what its for
  • broken watch
  • a giant ziplock bag containing a catch-all dish (grape-bunch-shaped), a Mexican peso, and a decade-old cough drop.
  • 10,000 pens

Easy Cucumber Lime Punch“Eric why do you need your old company directory, you don’t even work there anymore.” Fine, throw it out. “Seriously? That’s all it takes to persuade you? How about this giant rusty screw?” No I need that.

Easy Cucumber Lime Punch

A few minutes of heckling later (“really, you need Star Wars playing cards accessible from your bedside?”), he finally bursts out, “Karen, I don’t think you understand the purpose of this drawer.”


Easy Cucumber Lime Punch

What about you? Do you have any Weird Stuff in your nightstand? I honestly don’t, but that’s only because my nightstand is not a nightstand, it’s a yellow barstool. I guess the fact that I have a completely irrational piece of furniture in lieu of a nightstand makes up for my lack of awkward nightstand paraphernalia.
Easy Cucumber Lime Punch
Okay, update. I wrote this before I actually looked on my night-barstool. Here’s what’s on it right now:
RodThat’s right. I’m rockin’ the Rod cassette tapes. My dad was throwing these out a while back and I wanted to keep them for white elephant gifts. I guess I’ll add it to the collection.
Easy Cucumber Lime Punch

So are these Cucumber Lime Punch photos giving you
guys flashbacks to just a couple weeks ago when I posted this Basil Lemonade? Who’s ready for summer, grilling, and tart drinks? This girl.

I was at a baby shower a few years ago and this Easy Cucumber Lime Punch was served. I think I drank about half of it single-handedly. Soooo good, with a perfectly light cucumber aftertaste. Plus, you can’t get much easier than this, only 4 ingredients:

Easy Cucumber Lime Punch
Don’t hate me because this is not diet soda. I tried both and liked diet better, but only got a picture of this one. Diet all the way dude!

You can make it a few hours ahead and refrigerate until ready to serve. I like it even better that way because the cucumber flavor has some time to come through. This is always a hit at parties!

Easy Cucumber Lime Punch

Do you guys give up? Or are you thirsty for more?
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Easy Cucumber Lime Punch

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Prep: 5 minutes
Chill Time: 1 hour
Total: 1 hour 5 minutes
Servings: 6 Servings
This Easy Cucumber Lime Punch only has 4 ingredients and adds a cool cucumber flavor to sparkling limeade.


  • 1 tray ice
  • 2 liters DIET lemon-lime soda
  • 12 ounces limeade, 1 can, frozen
  • 1 cucumber, sliced thin
  • fresh lime wedges , optional for garnish


  • In a large pitcher or bowl, add as much ice as you want. (The more ice you add, the more watered down the drink will be as it melts, of course.)
  • Add the soda and the frozen limeade.
  • Add all of the sliced cucumbers and lime wedges (or reserve some to garnish individual glasses).
  • Stir together until the limeade melts.
  • If you serve it right away, the cucumber flavor will be light. I like to let it sit for an hour or two in the fridge because I like a stronger cucumber flavor. This drink is nice for parties because you can make it ahead and pull it out right when the party starts.


I much prefer the flavor of this drink with diet soda. I normally hate the flavor of diet soda but you can't taste it in this recipe. You are welcome to use regular soda, but you may find that it is overly sweet.
Source: this one's all over the internet, I got it from my friend Rissa


Serving: 1cup | Calories: 171kcal | Carbohydrates: 43g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 38mg | Potassium: 71mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 41g | Vitamin A: 36IU | Vitamin C: 2mg | Calcium: 14mg | Iron: 1mg
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Calories: 171
Keyword: cucumbers, lime, punch
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  1. If using regular lemon lime soda, would you suggest adjusting the lime or limeade ratio so it won’t be too sweet? If so, any advice? Diet soda makes me sick and does strange things to my system. Thanks!

    1. Great question Whitney! I would say this serves between 9-12, depending on how thirsty your guests are!

    2. Can you make it without the ice to chill in the fridge , then add ice while serving it ? Anyone . how much vodka per batch ? Thank you

      1. Hi Kit, yes absolutely make it without the ice first if you are making it ahead! Can’t say for the amount of vodka, sorry! I’m really not qualified since I don’t drink! Enjoy Kit!

    1. Hey Jennifer! It will be quite sweet if you don’t use diet. It will still be good, the lime just won’t have as much punch.

  2. I can’t say enough about the, Cucumber, Lime, VODKA punch! I made a test batch the night before our Summer Party. The 1/2 batch passed the test…my test group drained the pitcher! I used Diet 7up as you suggested and it was perfect…. not too sweet at all! I ended up making 4 batches that night. The cucumber made it so refreshing! I’m so glad I found your blog!!!

    1. Ooh good idea Lisa! I don’t drink but an adult version of this punch is genius! I’m glad you liked it :) Thanks for coming back tot comment!!

        1. Hey Keri, I’m so sorry, I don’t drink alcohol and never have, so I have literally no input :(

    2. 5 stars
      I was linked to this site suggesting this drink as a vodka drink but without actual quantities. I’ve made a few trial runs and this is what I’ve landed on. Thought I’d share.

      1 can of limeade
      2 cups (16oz) of vodka
      1 english cucumber
      1 liter of diet lemon-lime soda

      You can cut the cucumbers the day before and store in a zip lock bag. I used a 2mm slicing disk last time and I wouldn’t go thinner than that. But I think the 2mm worked great, but you could go thicker. You can mix the vodka and limeade at anytime in a container and store in the freezer.

      About 3-4 hours before you are ready to serve add the cucumbers to the vodka/limeade mixture. Combine and put the mixture back in the freezer. I have not tested doing this more 6 hours. I don’t know if the cucumbers would get weird. It is important that the cucumbers have a few hours to soak in the mixture, otherwise you won’t get that great cucumber taste.

      When I’m ready to serve I add 1 liter of soda to the cucumber/limeade/vodka mixture and stir. I don’t add ice to the pitcher because I’d rather control how much ice goes in each cup.

      I then serve in 9oz cups. This serves around 12. And you could stretch even further by adding a bit more soda to the mixture. (I need to get an actual count next time. If I do I’ll update that here.)

      I fill each cup 80% full of sonic/cruncy/pellet/crushed ice. The mixture will be quite boozy so the small ice helps to dilute a bit. I also make sure each cup gets a generous amount of cucumbers. I serve this with an umbrella, so they have a little toothpick to pickup the cucumbers with to eat, instead of using their fingers.

      Here is the bonus. Those cucumbers are going to have a bite! They’ve been soaking in vodka/limeade for hours! The amount of cucumber slices I put in this drink seems insane. But I’ve never had a slice leftover. People reach inside the pitcher to get the last few slices that stuck to the wall.

      If your group is not used to drinking boozy drinks, you might want to add the full 2 liters of soda (or cut the amount of vodka…but adding more soda to taste is easier). But I’ve made this for several large groups and pretty much everyone said it was their new favorite of all the drinks i’ve made. Which is great because it’s by far the easiest to whip up of all the drinks I’ve made.

  3. I made this today for a PEO lunch meeting. It was a big hit! Very light and refreshing and not too sweet.

    As far as bedside tables go, your husband comes by it naturally. Chips nightstand (just on top now – we’re not talking about what’s in the drawers): 3 flashlights, some sort of mini blowtorch (yes, I’m serious), 3 pocketknives, multiple old credit cards and gift cards, headphones, assorted cords (lots of assorted cords), Consumer Reports magazines from the last couple years, a Garmin GPS, a picture frame Jessie gave him about 10 years ago and still has the original picture that was sold with it, x-rays of his finger before and after surgery, another pocket knife(!), a book about bears attacking people in Yellowstone park, two books about fishing in Montana and his good watch. Sounds like he might have Eric beat.

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