These Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies could also be called Chocolate Snickerdoodles. A moist and tender chocolate cookie, with slightly crisp edges and a perfectly crackly top, rolled in cinnamon sugar for the perfect chocolate-cinnamon combo!

Mexican hot chocolate cookies

I just bought a dresser from someone on Craigslist yesterday. Charlotte and Truman share a dresser, and we’ve been at the point for a WHILE now, where when all of the laundry is done, you can’t exactly shut the drawers without putting your back into it.

The reason I haven’t bothered to buy one before now is because 1) I’m super cheap and 2) the laundry is NEVER all done at the same time. (All the other moms are out there chuckling with me right now, right? Who ever has all the laundry done??) So the work of shutting too-full drawers is a pretty rare occasion thanks to my housework negligence.

chocolate snickerdoodles

Anyway, we show up at this guy’s house to buy the dresser, all 3 kids in tow. He was an adorable old man who was very hard of hearing, who called me immediately every time I texted him with questions about the dresser, instead of texting back. He must have a business flipping dressers because his porch was full of dozens of freshly painted white ones. We load it up into the van, and then his eyes get a sparkle in them and he says, Wait! Do your kids like toys? (Cue the “dun dun DUN” music)

Mexican chocolate cookies

He takes us over to a dresser with a bunch of stuff on top: glow sticks, toy trucks, and 3 of the CREEPIEST porcelain dolls I’ve ever seen, like straight out of Sid’s room in Toy Story level creepy, guys. Chipped fingers, dirt smears, oh and did I mention it smelled like the dude smokes a lot, so they aren’t exactly fresh. He’s like, would your daughter like one of these? And Charlotte’s face lights up, of course. And I say, very politely, No, I don’t think so, thank you. He gives me this look of utter disbelief and says, Why does EVERYONE say that? Nobody seems to want these dolls! They’re nice!

Oh dear. So I say, okay, how much? (Maybe I can convince him we can’t afford it??) And he’s like, That’s the thing, they’re FREE! She can choose whichever one she likes!

hot chocolate cookies

So here we are, 24 hours later, with a slightly-less-creepy porcelain doll now that Charlotte has meticulously cleaned it with baby wipes and spent hours dressing the smelly thing in every set of dolls clothes she owns. Why do I buy my children nice things?? Whyy????

How to make Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Have you ever had Mexican hot chocolate before? It’s basically regular hot chocolate that has cinnamon in it. (Sometimes people also add chili flakes or chili powder, but that’s not my thing. That would definitely do the job of warming you up though!)

Mexican hot chocolate cookies

I turned the flavors into Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies. You could also call these Chocolate Snickerdoodles. The recipe is basically a classic Snickerdoodle recipe, just with cocoa added to it. I even used cream of tartar as one of the leavening agents, so that we get that tangy flavor that is unique to snickerdoodles. It tastes so good paired with cinnamon and chocolate! The cream of tartar also makes the top of the cookie crackle a bit, which is just so satisfying.

hot chocolate cookies

chocolate snickerdoodles cinnamon sugar

The best part about this cookie is the fact that we are rolling the cookies in cinnamon and sugar before and AFTER we bake them. Sprinkling with sugar after baking ensures that every bite has that super satisfying sugar crunch, on the edges of a soft and tender cookie. They are so fudgy, especially when you eat them warm. Just look at this gooey goodness:

hot chocolate cookies

I also love that this recipe uses all butter (hello flavor!) but requires no chilling. Some of my favorite cookies ever require chilling before baking. But it’s just so hard to wait sometimes. If you are impatient like me, these Mexican hot chocolate cookies are the ones for you.

Make these for your next family cookie night! What, you guys don’t do family cookie night? Ours is every Sunday. Make it happen people, nothing like family and cookies to bring it all together :)

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Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies (Chocolate Snickerdoodles)

4.78 from 76 votes
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes
Total: 20 minutes
Servings: 20
These Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies could also be called Chocolate Snickerdoodles. A moist and tender chocolate cookie, with slightly crisp edges and a perfectly crackly top, rolled in cinnamon sugar for the perfect chocolate-cinnamon combo!


  • 1 cup butter, softened (2 sticks)
  • 1 & 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2 & 3/4 cups all purpose flour, spooned and leveled
  • 1 & 1/2 teaspoons cream of tartar
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/4 to 1/3 cup granulated sugar, for rolling
  • 1 & 1/2 tablespoons cinnamon, for rolling


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a couple baking sheets with parchment paper or silicone mats.
  • In a large bowl or stand mixer, beat butter until creamy, then add 1 and 1/2 cups sugar. Beat for a couple minutes until light and fluffy, remembering to scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl. 
  • Add 2 eggs and vanilla and mix well.
  • Add the cocoa powder and flour, but do not mix yet. Make a well in the flour.
  • Add the cream of tartar, baking soda, baking powder, and salt to the well in the flour, and use a small spoon to blend it in before it hits the wet ingredients. At this point, you can add 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper if you like some heat in your cookies!
  • Turn the mixer on low and slowly beat in the flour and cocoa. Mix only until just combined, making sure to scrape the sides and bottom so that it all gets incorporated.
  • At this point you can cover and refrigerate the dough for up to 48 hours if you want, but that is optional. You can bake them right away and they will turn out great. 
  • Shape the dough into rounds about 2-3 tablespoons each. Make sure they are uniform.
  • In a shallow bowl, combine 1/4 or 1/3 cup sugar with 1 and 1/2 tablespoons cinnamon. (How much sugar you use is just a matter of preference.) Roll each ball of dough in the cinnamon sugar mixture. 
  • Place the sugared dough on the prepared cookie sheets at least 2 inches apart. 
  • Bake at 350 for about 10-12 minutes, or until the edges are set and the middle is soft and still shiny. Every oven is different, so keep an eye on it.
  • Let rest on the baking sheet for about 2 minutes.
  • Whenever you can manage it considering how hot they are, use a spatula to transfer each cookie back into the bowl with the cinnamon sugar. (Add more cinnamon/sugar as necessary).
  • Use your fingers to sprinkle the top of the cookie to make sure it's all coated. You need to do this while the cookies are still pretty hot if you want the cinnamon sugar to stick. 
  • Transfer the cookies to a wire rack to cool.
  • Eat while still warm! They are so fudgy in the middle and are to-die-for with a glass of milk.


You could totally add chocolate chips to this cookie recipe. It would be delicious. I wanted them to taste more like Chocolate Snickerdooodles though, so I left them out so as not to overwhelm the tangy flavor from the cream of tartar. 


Serving: 1g | Calories: 226kcal | Carbohydrates: 33g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 10g | Saturated Fat: 6g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 3g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 43mg | Sodium: 213mg | Potassium: 101mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 18g | Vitamin A: 312IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 23mg | Iron: 1mg
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Mexican
Calories: 226
Keyword: Cookies, hot chocolate, mexican, snickerdoodle
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  1. 5 stars
    Loved how these turned out. Mine were quite big, made 24, baked for 13 mins. I did add the cayenne pepper and you don’t taste it overly much… I love that lil kick at the end though. Would recommend the 1/4 tsp for those who were hesitant

  2. 5 stars
    I made the Hot Chocolate Cookies today. Very good. Soft inside, crisp edges, yum. Only change was I added a 1/2 tsp of expresso powder. I will make again.

    1. Ooh love the espresso addition Cindy! Great idea for amping up the flavor! Thanks for commenting and reviewing 💕

  3. I am planning on making these for a Christmas gathering, but I was thinking about making them sandwich cookies with a marshmallow frosting in between. Do you think these cookies would work as a sandwich cookie?

    1. Hi Shea, that is an amazing idea! I think it would work great. I would make sure that the frosting is nice and soft/spreadable and that the cookies are completely cool. If you’re having trouble with the cookies breaking, you could always pop them in the freezer on a baking sheet for 20 minutes to chill them before assembling the cookie sandwiches. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment – enjoy!

  4. 5 stars
    I’ve made this recipe before and they turned out so delish, that I’m back to try a second batch for a holiday cookie swap. But I just had to chime in and say that I love your writing style! Thanks for sharing such a fun perspective and interesting story with a delightful treat. Happy holidays!

  5. 5 stars
    This recipe is Amazing. The chocolate taste with snickerdoodle is so delicious. The cookies came out so soft on the inside and a nice little crunch on the outside. I received a lot of compliments with this. Works out well that I’m a chocolate lover.

  6. 5 stars
    These cookies are fire!! Dipping them back into the cinnamon sugar after they’ve just come out of the oven is the best choice 👌🏼

  7. 5 stars
    And so being a little more adventurous than some…I not only put a 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper in the dough, I also add a 1/2 tsp to the cinnamon and sugar that I roll these in as well! So delicious, that, to me, makes it a true Mexican Hot Chocolate cookie. Your recipe is wonderful and I get nothing but complements when I make these, I do however warn people that they are HOT Chocolate cookies.

    1. I love this Jojo! That is a great tip! I’m definitely going to try adding some cayenne next time I make them. Thanks for chiming in!

  8. 4 stars
    These are really tasty, but I think there was a bit too much cream of tartar + baking soda + baking powder. They left an aftertaste that was a bit metallic and unpleasant.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to eat all of them! But I may move on to a different recipe next time. They did bake up nicely despite no refrigerator time, so that part was nice too!

  9. These look amazing! I’m wanting to make them for a friend of mine who’s vegan… do you think flax seed egg substitute and coconut oil subbed for butter would work? Just wondering if you’ve tried either! If not I’ll let you know how it goes! 

    1. Hi Robyn! I’m very inexperienced with vegan baking unfortunately! Let me know how it turns out :)

      1. So it didn’t turn out great, ha!! I used coconut oil instead of butter, flax seed eggs substitute and gluten free flour and they did not hold their form  :( Not sure if it was bc of the vegan substitutes or gluten free flour or both… I tried freezing them first and they still just spread so much. The good thing was, they still tasted amazing, ha! So I tried baking them in a muffin tin and voilà it worked! It kept them from spreading and they were still a little gooey inside. Only bummer was it lost that cracked cookie look, but they taste amazing so I take it as a win! Thanks for the recipe!! 

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