Fresh Blackberry Glacé Pie

Fresh Blackberry Glace Pie from The Food Charlatan

This fresh pie is so simple that it really lets the blackberries shine. The buttery crust is baked first, then smeared with a thick layer of cream cheese, then topped with a ridiculous amount of blackberries.Last week I defeated a monstrous blackberry vine. It was like Karen vs. Nature, and I WON. I have newfound mad respect for people who pick fruit all day, let me just say.My parents have had the entire back wall of their garden covered in blackberry vines since before I was

Puffy Bacon Twists (with BBQ Ranch Sauce) from The Food Charlatan

Puffy Bacon Twists (with BBQ Ranch Sauce)

Bacon twisted around buttery dough and baked til crisp. Seriously. Dip it in the BBQ-Ranch sauce and it makes a perfect (and easy!) side dish or appetizer for your summer parties! I walked into my brother Eric's house the other day to pick up

Bacon Baked Beans from The Food Charlatan

Bacon Baked Beans

These bacon-y, beefy baked beans are all that and a bag of chips. It is a super easy recipe, but this side dish will put you down in history at your summer barbecues this year! My husband's sister Jessie is getting married next month, and I

The Best Hot Dog You Will Ever Eat (JDawgs Special Sauce Copycat) from The Food Charlatan

The Best Hot Dog You Will Ever Eat (JDawgs Special Sauce Copycat)

Three things make this The Best Hot Dog You Will Ever Eat: A quality bun, diagonal cuts before grilling, and the Special Sauce. It's so easy, you will be making this all summer! Invite me to your barbecue please! My friend Kate is a fabulous

Banana Macadamia Pancakes from The Food Charlatan

Banana Macadamia Pancakes

Fluffy buttermilk pancakes filled with banana flavor and studded with macadamia nuts, smothered in coconut syrup. Just like you had at that restaurant in Hawaii! These are so easy to make at home. Comes with free palm trees and a beach

Coconut Syrup from The Food Charlatan

Coconut Syrup

This Coconut Syrup is just like the kind they serve over pancakes and waffles in Hawaii! It is thick and rich and supremely coconut-y. Plus: stupid easy. Perfect for a lazy Mother's Day!I got coconut syrup in my hair today. In my bangs,

Coconut Almond Sheet Cake from The Food Charlatan

Coconut Almond Sheet Cake

This moist sheet cake is full of almond and coconut flavor! Seriously, best combo ever. It's easy, and quick--you add the frosting when the cake is still warm, so it's a great last minute dessert! Don't let the fact that it's vegan deter you: this

Mozzarella-Stuffed Soft Pretzels from The Food Charlatan

Mozzarella-Stuffed Soft Pretzels

It's like a Pretzel Dog you get at the mall, but instead of wrapping the dough around a hot dog I used mozzarella cheese. Gooey, pretzel-y happiness. Perfect for dipping in honey-mustard sauce!So this morning I turned around to see Truman

Dark Chocolate Waffles with Ganache and Strawberries from The Food Charlatan

Dark Chocolate Waffles with Ganache and Strawberries

These waffles are for CHOCOLATE LOVERS. Or anyone human, really. Crispy on the outside, perfectly gooey from the chocolate chunks on the inside. Then drizzled with chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries. If you want to pamper the women in your life

Overnight Blueberry French Toast Casserole from The Food Charlatan

Overnight Blueberry French Toast Casserole

This simple make-ahead casserole is kind of like a blueberry pie covered in French toast. Buttery, breakfast-y goodness. The other day Eric says to me, "Karen, I have something very important to show you." He hooks the computer to the TV and

Cuban Sandwiches from The Food Charlatan

Cuban Sandwiches (Cubanos)

A classic Cuban sandwich with mojo-marinated pork, swiss, pickles, and lots of mustard. And also lots of butter, but let's try to focus on the calorie-free mustard. The other day I was discussing eye color with Charlotte's friend Milo, who is