What dads don’t want: ties, cufflinks, and keychains. What dads do want: absolutely everything on this list of Father’s Day recipes, starting with the cinnamon rolls and ending with the steak. There’s something here for every dad!

a Father's Day recipes collage of juicy steak, a BLT, caramel cake, cinnamon rolls, mojo pork, and chocolate cake.

My dad recently had his birthday, and he sent the entire family an itemized wishlist. You’d think this would be helpful, but it was horrifying.

It went something like this:

  • 1 package men’s black dress socks, size 9-12, 8 pairs
  • 1 100-ft. garden hose, heavy duty contractor grade
  • 1 box drywall screws, 2 in., Phillips drive, steel

And on and on, all with Amazon links. You know, so we didn’t get The Wrong Thing.

In case buying YOUR practical dad a freaking pair of socks for Father’s Day is just too depressing, I recommend making him some awesome food instead. Cooking for your dad somehow feels more personal than, oh, I DON’T KNOW, Amazon-ing him a garden hose 😂

These recipes are some of my favorites to make for Father’s Day, birthdays, or any other occasion that allows me to avoid buying drywall screws.

How to Cook Ribeye Steak (Grilled or Pan-Seared)

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rib eye steak grilled or pan seared, close up of a medium rare slice leaking juices.

I’m ready to show you the best way to cook your dad the best steak of his life, out on the grill or on the stove top. No need for crowded restaurants, making reservations, or overpaying (I’m basically listing things dads hate, right??) Instead he can kick back with a cold root beer and enjoy the incredible smells wafting from the grill. Give it the upgrade by pairing it with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.

There’s nothing worse than ruining an expensive cut of meat, so let me give you all my tips and tricks for making this steak perfectly. See those fresh herbs and garlic in there? Some dad’s just need beef and this is one of my favorite Father’s Day dinner recipes.

rib eye steak grilled or pan seared, close up of a medium rare slice leaking juices.
Rib Eye Steak
5 from 15 votes
Guys, I honestly thought I didn’t like steak that much. BUT OH WAS I WRONG. This Ribeye Steak recipe is unreal! You will not believe how tender and juicy it is! Salting well ahead of time is the secret. Oh, and tons of garlic butter. I’ve got all the details for the best way to cook ribeye steak, grilled or on the stove top!
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Beer Battered Fish Tacos

Beer-Battered Fish Taco on cooking pan with red onions.

Have you guys been to Rubio’s? They’re known for their fish tacos, and with good reason. I’ve only been once but I can attest: those tacos are legit. I was reading a magazine a while back and saw a fish taco recipe that claimed to be like the ones at Rubio’s. Homemade Beer-Battered Fish Tacos became my new life-mission. I’m sharing all my secrets with you so you can make these at home for your Father’s Day menu!

Beer-Battered Fish Tacos
Beer-Battered Fish Tacos
5 from 4 votes
These Rubio's knock-off Beer Battered Fish Tacos are tender and crunchy and worth every speck of oil! The pickled onions! The coleslaw! The crispy fish!
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Cuban Mojo Pork

Cuban Mojo Marinated Pork sliced on a cutting board.

Reader Sarah says, “Insanely delicious. If you’ve never had Cuban pork you are in for a treat. This recipe is super easy and produces amazing results. I love this on Cubano sandwiches but it really is great on its own.”

The marinade for this meat will knock your socks off. The mixture of orange, lime juice, and cilantro is legit. By the way your dad DEFINITELY wants a Cubano sandwich for lunch on Monday (they are so, so good!!).

Cuban Mojo Marinated Pork sliced on a cutting board.
Cuban Mojo Pork
4.73 from 214 votes
A traditional Cuban roasted pork recipe that is very simple, yet packed with tons of flavor! There is nothing to this pork except an amazing marinade, but it is honestly some of the best meat I’ve ever put in my mouth. Just look at that crust!
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Best BLT Sandwich

Close up of a BLT with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and avocado.

This is no basic BLT. This is the KING of BLTs. And your dad is going to love it (and not only because I add avocado to make a true BLAT). “True love is the greatest thing in the world!…Except for a nice MLT. A mutton lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and leeean, and the tomato is ripe…they’re so perky! I love that.” (Name that movie!!) Let’s skip the mutton and stick with the bacon though 😂

how to make a BLT with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and avocado
How to Make the Best BLT!
4.98 from 37 votes
I will show you exactly how to make the best BLT sandwich of your life! Sometimes the simplest recipes are the easiest to mess up. Nobody wants a soggy sandwich, or one that is flavorless and bland! I will show you all the tips and tricks you need to make a perfectly toasted, crispy-yet-tender, juicy and drippy avocado Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich.
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Smash Burger Recipe

close up shot of juicy smash burger with cheese, lettuce, and dripping with ketchup and mustard.

“It’s a hamburger made out of meat, on a bun, with nothing. Add ketchup if you want, I couldn’t care less.” Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec nailed it. Ain’t nothin better than a straight up beef burger, and I know dad will agree. What man can say no to this delectable burger dripping with all the fixins?? The smash is the go-to method for us over here in The Food Charlatan household. You can’t go wrong.

How To Make Smash Burgers (Basically Your New Favorite Hamburger) from The Food Charlatan
Smash Burger Recipe (Cast Iron Burgers)
4.84 from 6 votes
The smash burger method is the secret to crispy, craggy burger edges and a seriously juicy center. It’s so simple. You will never go back!
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Soft Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns

one soft caramel pecan sticky bun on plate.

Reader Lion says “Incredible. Incredible texture. Easy. Best caramel sauce EVER. Came back to this site to make this recipe again. Can’t. Even. With. These.” Ha! I totally get it, it’s hard not to love these. If your dad loves nuts (or IS a nut), this is the ultimate Father’s Day breakfast recipe.

soft caramel pecan sticky bun.
Soft and Sticky Caramel Pecan Rolls
4.84 from 31 votes
These Caramel Pecan Rolls are totally a dream come true! A soft and fluffy brioche dough, rolled up with a ridiculous amount of sticky caramel sauce, studded with toasted pecans. A decadent recipe for Pecan Sticky Buns that tastes like it came from a bakery!
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Cheesy Ham and Egg Breakfast Casserole with Biscuits

cheesy ham and egg casserole with biscuits and hollandaise sauce drizzled on top.

This is such a great hearty, satisfying Father’s Day brunch recipe. There’s something about that cheesy egg combo that’s just so good. This version is a fun twist because we’re using chopped up biscuits instead of hash browns. The biscuits bubble up and get all huge and puffy in the pan, I love it! So satisfying. The eggs and cheese get together and make this amazingly delicious eggy-cheesey-biscuity bottom layer. Chunks of flavorful smoked ham are spread throughout the whole thing.

Cheesy Ham and Egg Breakfast Casserole with Biscuits
5 from 6 votes
This crowd-pleasing Cheesy Egg Breakfast Casserole with Biscuits is my new favorite! Use store bought or homemade biscuits to make a moist and delicious brunch for your guests. Try it with ham, bacon, or sausage. Top it all off with Hollandaise Sauce for an incredible holiday breakfast! 
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The Fluffiest Cinnamon Rolls of Your Life

gooey cinnamon rolls on a pan.

Reader Heather says “I have probably baked 10 different cinnamon bun recipes, attempting to find the perfect bun. It’s got to be sweet, spicy, sticky, gooey, pillowy soft, and of course loaded with cream cheese frosting. I tried this one and WOW is all I can say. It nailed it for me! This dough was super nice to work with once chilled. And it had such a rich sweet yeast flavor…so good. Thank you!”

Heather pretty much sums it up. I worked so hard on this recipe and am still so happy with how it bakes up every time, years later. Dad will love it!

Best Cinnamon Rolls Recipe with the Best Cinnamon Roll Icing!
4.69 from 76 votes
If you guys have never tried making a cinnamon rolls recipe with a simple sweet dough (brioche style) instead of with regular bread dough, you are totally missing out. These are the FLUFFIEST homemade cinnamon rolls of your life, I promise! They are very easy, and you can make them the night before! 
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Easy Sausage Breakfast Casserole

close up of make ahead breakfast casserole with a cheesy topping.

This one is super easy to throw together, can be made ahead, and has all your favorite breakfast flavors: cheesy eggs, tender hash browns, and breakfast sausage! The peppers and onions are optional if your dad is picky about vegetables. Reader Anna says “Really, really good. Very flavorful, great texture, everyone loved! The family said it was the best breakfast casserole I’d ever made.”

make ahead breakfast casserole with a cheesy topping
Breakfast Sausage Casserole
4.92 from 248 votes
I'm in love with this Overnight Easy Sausage Breakfast Casserole! It is everything you love about breakfast wrapped up in one dish: cheesy eggs, sausage, hash browns, peppers and onions! You can make ahead or last minute. It's a great overnight option for Christmas Eve! 
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Absolutely the Best Brownies I’ve Ever Made

stack of four gooey chocolate brownies.

Is your dad a chocolate lover? Go big or go home and take the fudgy, browned butter, rich chocolate goodness to the max. These are the ULTIMATE, no-joke brownies with tons of gooey chocolate.

Reader Kaitlyn says “Glorious. Fabulous texture and depth of flavor. Definitely did a double take on the amount of butter called for, but very glad I trusted the process. My boyfriend is not a chocolate fan, but he does enjoy a brownie on occasion. He went back for seconds and thirds. The aromas emanating from the kitchen as I was mixing the batter and baking the brownies became irresistible to him. He could hardly wait until they cooled to dig in.” I love turning people into brownie lovers!

Brown Butter Brownies – The Best Brownie Recipe
4.66 from 69 votes
I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is absolutely the BEST brownie recipe of my life. I spend a lot of time baking (and eating!) and I've never had another brownie like this one. It is the ultimate in rich, fudgy, chocolatey flavor, all thanks to the magic of browned butter. Regular brownies just can't compete with this depth of flavor. 
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Caramel Cake with Caramel Icing

caramel cake with caramel icing cut into squares.

This is like traditional Southern caramel layer cake, but without all the fuss. It’s very sweet, very rich, and absolutely a special occasion dessert, perfect for honoring your dad.

Reader Ann says “This cake is soooo delicious. My husband and my kids love it. They finished the entire 2 cakes in 2 days. That was me trying to slow them down. I will make it again soon for my family and serve it to guests.” I know why you were trying to slow them down Ann, to make sure they saved some for you!! Make sure you hide some next time! ;)

Caramel Cake with Caramel Icing
4.60 from 44 votes
Have you ever had Caramel Cake with Caramel Icing? It’s a classic Southern treat! But instead of a layer cake, I made this into a thin sheet cake. Less time baking, more time eating, I say! It’s really easy to put together.
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Peach Apricot Slab Pie

Lifting a piece of Peach Apricot Slab Pie from the pan.

Got fresh peaches or apricots? This is probably the ideal way to eat them, and it serves a big crowd. My mind was blown when my sister-in-law Sandi taught me to eat this drizzled with cream. I’m never going back. So decadent!

Reader Marina says “This was amazing! My first peach-apricot slab pie and I basically want to eat this every day for the rest of my life. It was tart and sweet and generally amazing.”

Peach Apricot Slab Pie from The Food Charlatan
Peach Apricot Slab Pie
5 from 2 votes
This big Peach and Apricot SLAB pie will feed a crowd, using fresh apricots and the most abundant, flakiest crust everrr. The best part? You douse your whole slice in a healthy splash of cold cream!
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The Best Chocolate Cake I’ve Ever Had

Large slice of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting on a white plate.

I am suuuuper snobby about chocolate cake you guys. Like, won’t even finish a slice from the grocery store bakery level snobby. And I find even most homemade cakes miss the mark. (Too dry? overly fluffy? blah.) This recipe is a glorified Texas sheet cake dressed up to be a layer cake. It’s fudgy and rich and absolutely Trunchbowl worthy.

Reader Babs said “Perfection! My family said it truly was the BEST chocolate cake ever. We usually buy birthday cakes from a local bakery but I decide to save that $50 and take a chance. So glad I did. Thanks for the recipe! I’m sure I’ll be tasked with bringing all of the birthday cakes now.”

chocolate cake with chocolate frosting on a white plate.
The Best Chocolate Cake I’ve Ever Had (And a Par-taaay!)
4.91 from 32 votes
Literally the BEST chocolate cake ever to cross my lips. It is dense and rich and moist and almost brownie-like but still in a cake way. It's a Magleby's copycat. You will not regret this!
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Hopefully these Father’s Day recipes will give you some ideas for how to make him happy and stuffed on the big day. And Happy Father’s Day to all you dads!

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