The Food Charlatan


If you were to ask what my favorite food group was, there’s no question: Dessert. I love cooking all kinds of things, but when I want to do it just for fun, I find myself throwing together a batch of my favorite Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies or Cranberry Shortbread Bars for family and friends. Right here I’ve got all my delicious dessert recipes!

Of course, there are sub-groups. For cakes, there’s The Best Chocolate Cake I’ve Ever Had, my favorite White Cake, and The Only Texas Sheet Cake You’ll Ever Need. Bars are a whole other group: Apple Pie Bars, Cherry Pie Bars (basically any pie in bar form!), or face-meltingly tart Lemon Squares.

Then you have cookies. I always have a freezer full of cookie dough ready to be thrown in the oven for warm, gooey goodness in 10 minutes. From Double Chocolate Chip Cookies to Texas Cowboy Cookies, I have so many favorites!

I’ve got no shortage of dessert recipes for you! Narrow down your search by selecting one of the options below.