The SOFTEST Sugar Cookies of Your Life (That Hold Their Shape)

The SOFTEST Sugar Cookies of Your Life (That Hold Their Shape) from The Food Charlatan

A secret ingredient makes these sugar cookies the SOFTEST and most flavorful cookies of your life! And they even hold their shape after baking, so you get exactly what you want instead of sad blob cookies.  I'm doing dishes in the kitchen when all the sudden I hear the saddest, most piercing cry come out of 4 month old Valentine. Slightly panicked, I ask Eric what happened, and he said, "I kissed her." Oh the drawbacks of having a beard. This actually happens all the time. Poor

Smokey Almond Cream Cheese Endive Bites from The Food Charlatan

EASY New Year’s Eve Appetizers For 2017!

This is the ULTIMATE New Year's Eve Menu with 18 recipes for appetizers, drinks, and dessert! Whether you are hosting or just bringing one dish, these recipes will be perfect. Bring it on 2017! The other day I was talking on the phone with my mom

Cranberry Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats from The Food Charlatan

Cranberry Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispies treats get a make over! First brown the butter to get an insane amount of flavor. THEN add chopped cranberries and extra marshmallows for the most buttery, gooey treats ever, plus a tart pop of holiday color! Add these to your cookie

Swedish Sour Cream Twists (Layered Yeast Cookies) from The Food Charlatan

Swedish Sour Cream Twists (Layered Yeast Cookies)

These pastry-like cookies have yeast in them but no rising. You just have to chill the dough a while, roll in lots of sugar, and twist to get one of the best Swedish Christmas traditions! We make these every year. I love to dip them in hot

2-Minute Maple Butter from The Food Charlatan

2-Minute Maple Butter

This easy Maple Butter is your toast or dinner roll's new favorite topping! It is so easy to whip up (seriously, 2 minutes) and can be made ahead of time. It makes a great (easy! fast!) gift for neighbors, coworkers, or your holiday

Sticky Sweet-and-Salty Chex Mix (Christmas Crack) from The Food Charlatan

Sticky Sweet-and-Salty Chex Mix (Christmas Crack)

This Sticky Chex Mix is called Christmas Crack for a good reason! Once you start you just can't stop. A simple syrup (with LOTS of butter) gets drizzled over corn Chex and studded with nuts and M&Ms. It is salty-sweet perfection! Today I

Candy Christmas Tree Craft from The Food Charlatan

Candy Christmas Tree Craft

Learn how to make your own Candy Christmas Tree to deck the halls this year! Get some felt and burlap and a TON of old fashioned candy and start glueing away. My mother-in-law still has the one she made 30 years ago! Guys, I made a craft! This

Crispy Swedish Cardamom Cookies from The Food Charlatan

Crispy Swedish Cardamom Cookies

Swedish Cardamom cookies that are ultra buttery and crispy-crunchy, yet still light and airy. There is cinnamon in the recipe but cardamom is the star flavor. These are a family classic that we make every year. Perfect with milk, hot chocolate, or

Classic Double Crust Chicken Pot Pie from The Food Charlatan

Classic Double Crust Chicken Pot Pie

The BEST recipe for Chicken Pot Pie! Carrots, peas, and rotisserie chicken (or use leftover turkey from Thanksgiving!) come together in a deliciously flavorful gravy. All wrapped up in a buttery, flaky pie crust! If you've only tried frozen pot pies

Apple Crisp, with a Ridiculous Amount of Streusel from The Food Charlatan

Apple Crisp, with a Ridiculous Amount of Streusel

Am I the only one who thinks apple crisp never has enough streusel? I fixed that. Behold: the mother-load of streusel-y goodness right here. What better way to use up those fresh fall apples? Top with vanilla ice cream and My Favorite Caramel

Sea Foam Salad (Creamy Pear Jello) from The Food Charlatan

Sea Foam Salad (Creamy Pear Jello)

This creamy Sea Foam Salad recipe is perfect for the holidays! It combines pears, jello, cream cheese, and fresh whipped cream to make a light and spongey, perfectly-1950s jello side dish. The recipe is straight from my great-grandma Doris, and we've