Goat Cheese Steak with Balsamic Glaze

This 4 ingredient steak recipe is perfect for grill nights. Bonus: the goat cheese and balsamic reduction make you feel super fancy. 

Goat Cheese Steak with Balsamic Glaze | TheFoodCharlatan.com // This easy grill recipe comes together in about 20 minutes!

So my husband Eric is a major U2 fan. I wouldn’t say he’s the biggest fan in the world, but that’s only because there are some real freaks out there. (For example, there is someone out there managing a database that records every “snippet” ever played during a live concert. A snippet is a song by someone else, like if they sing “Amazing Grace” as a lead into “Where the Streets Have No Name.”)

Like, for real? How did your life regress to the point that you’re the snippet database guy? Then I remember how much time I spend on Pinterest looking at food I’m never going to eat, and the world evens out just a little.

Anyway, Monday night we’re hanging out with my extended family and the topic turned to the new iPhone 6 keynote that was going to happen the next day. At the mere mention of Apple Eric burst out, “There’s going to be some big news from U2 soon!!” And we all laughed at him, shaking our heads, because what the heck does U2 have to do with Apple. Eric and his crazy U2 obsession.

He got his comeuppance the next day.

In case you haven’t heard, Apple paid U2 to gift their new album to all (500 million) iTunes users.

I think Eric texted every single person on his contact list. “Have you listened to it yet??” Needless to say, we’ve been having a lot of U2 dance parties around here lately.

Do you remember that picture up there of the steak? Here’s another one.

Goat Cheese Steak with Balsamic Glaze | TheFoodCharlatan.com // This easy grill recipe comes together in about 20 minutes!

You know you want it. I’m guest posting today for my friend Rachel from Rachel Cooks (whose blog is fabulous, by the way!) so head on over to get the recipe for Goat Cheese Steak with Balsamic Glaze!





  1. Sarah says

    I feel pleased to have received one of those texts. I believe the exact phrase Eric used was “Put it on repeat for the next couple weeks until everyone has passed through insanity to complete submission and obsession.” I think I could probably do that with this steak too. Go big or go home!

  2. says

    Eric is so funny! I bet he was mighty excited about U2’s new album. Almost as excited as Shawn is for the new iPhone. The fella still has an iPhone 4. Not even a 4S, a 4. It’s basically a dinosaur.

    This steak looks SO good! Heading over to grab the recipe.

    And guess what! We’re filming a wedding in your neck of the Bay Area tomorrow! at Wilson Vineyards in Clarksburg, CA. The wedding party is getting ready in Sacramento. But I am FREAKING out because it is supposed to be 101 degrees. Please send cold vibes my way, because I may just melt and die. I’ll be thinking of you while we’re there!
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  3. Sha Lene says

    Thanks, I’m so glad you clarified that U2 info, cuz I was trying to figure out why the heck it was automatically loaded on my phone. I even tried emailing iTunes for them to remove it. Lol. I was like what the heck, I’m not paying for a whole album!!!

    Steak looks amazing, can’t go wrong with cheese steak & vinegar

  4. says

    Yum! Karen, I need to grill more often and SOON before it gets too cold. My hubby and his IT coworkers use iPhones for work, so they were all trying to decide which new phone they wanted to get. They made themselves cardboard models to try out the new sizes. :-p And then after my husband decided which one he was going to get, he gave the cardboard ones to Wendy who was in complete and utter BLISS to have Daddy’s pretend phones! No mention was made of U2 though, so I guess they were all too distracted with their fake phones.
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