Strawberry Lassi

For those of you who have never been out to an Indian restaurant, there is some severe lacking in your diet. I won’t go over every single thing you are missing, but Lassi’s are one of them. They are a magical beverage that will make all of your problems go away. (Okay, that sounds like they’re drugged. Maybe they won’t make all your problems disappear, but it will feel like it for the 3 minutes it takes for you to down this baby.) Sometimes at $3.50 a glass though I just can’t justify the purchase. Now I will never even have to bother.

This recipe is the real deal. Creamy yogurt, fresh strawberries, honey…yum. I haven’t tried it, but of course you could sub in pretty much any fruit you want. The most common type in Indian restaurants is a Mango Lassi, and I am dying to make that one at home. So so good.

Strawberry Lassi

Source: Ambrosia

1 pound fresh strawberries, trimmed and halved (frozen strawberries work great too)
½ cup honey
pinch of salt
2 cups plain Greek yogurt
1 cup crushed ice

Combine the strawberries, honey, and salt in a blender. Purée until the strawberries are smooth. Add the Greek yogurt, and blend until smooth. Repeat with the ice. Serve immediately.





  1. Kelly says

    Also worth noting: If you accidentally order/make your meal a bit too spicy, the lassi is the perfect drink to calm those taste buds down. I’ve also had them with fresh mint, and another with rose water (which I don’t really recommend either; the mint one wass okay, but the rosewater lassi tastes like your smelling a bouquet of roses as you’re trying to eat your food. Almost unsettling.)

  2. Kayci says

    Tried this tonight! It was half strawberries half mixed berries from Costco. It was great! My little boy wanted only it for dinner. Now I will have to try other Indian food.
    Love you blog by the way, happy I know your sister and found out about it.

  3. says

    I LOVE this recipe and I will be making it, along with a mango version, for the young women at church for an Indian Culture Night this month. Normally I have an aversion to too much yogurt, but this is great…it’s probably just because it’s Indian food, and, therefore, magical.

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